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What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a fibrous material obtained by flowing molten glass through a piece of very thin holes (spinnerette) and when solidifying has a sufficient flexibility to be used as fiber.
Its main properties are good thermal insulation, acid inert and can withstand high temperatures. These properties and the low price of its raw materials, have given him popularity in the manufacture of high-quality furniture.

Fiberglass is very versatile and is considered fundamental in the component industry. It can be molded into any shape, has mechanical strength that is so strong and stiff for its weight that can out-perform most of the other materials.
To make fiberglass, manufacturers use liquid glass from a glass melting furnace or melt glass marbles. The molten glass is then forced to pass through superfine holes creating very fine glass filaments (threads), so fine that they are measured in microns (usually 4 microns). Once the threads are cold, they can be intertwined to form the fiberglass or mesh fabric. Fiberglass is often combined with resins to improve the final material, resulting in an extremely strong and durable composite material.

Fiberworks is a company with years of experience, specialized in the sector of the manufacture of vintage and industrial furniture, decoration, and construction, with designs that mark the trend of the most prestigious decorators and interior designers, in the area of the restoration, companies in general and individuals using fiberglass as the main material.
We are a company that is dedicated in innovating to modern furniture that is resistant, functional and visually attractive for all types of businesses restaurants, bars, museums, resorts, event rooms, and more with fiberglass as the main material. Our experience together with the control of our raw materials allow us to offer competitive prices and products that are 100% customizable. Making us an important trading partner for a multitude of businesses in all types of industries.

In today’s business scene, it is becoming very hard for us to face our direct competitors thus giving us the urge to create something the is unique against them. We have upgraded our team in terms of planning, production, material quality, product quality and of course our customer service. Making sure that our customers are involved on every procedure we do.

In Fiberworks we look for your satisfaction and that is why we offer our wide catalog of products of high quality so that our customers will be grateful and come back again to do business with us. In Fiberworks we produce high quality and stylish furniture accessible to any type of business. More than ever, we want to offer our customers bold aspects that can fit in any place. We offer furniture for home, office, restaurants, commercial spaces, hotels, resorts and areas to order. We pride ourselves in creating, storing and marketing trendy and innovative products that are unique in the furniture market.

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